Eminence Staffing and Events

One important aspect of event planning is having a great event staff. Some event planning companies have their own team. While others will hire an event staffing agency.

Event planners are not the only ones that do this. A caterer may hire servers to pass their food at an event. Someone throwing a small intimate dinner may need staff to pass the food and clean everything up,

Today, we are going to be looking at an event staffing agency located in Los Angeles, CA.  They are known for their top notch event staff specializing in all types of events. They provide staffing solutions for hospitality, catering, trade show and promotional based events. Their employees bring the best service to any event.

The agency is called Eminence Staffing and Events.

Some of the services they offer:

Liquor Promotion
Liquor Promotion
  • Promotional Staff
    • Promo Models
    • Brand Ambassadors
    • Product Samplers
    • Product Marketing Greeters
    • Hostesses
    • Product Demonstrator

  • Hospitality
    • Bartenders and Mixologist
    • Servers and Bussers
    • Coat Check and Greeters

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